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We want to expose learners to great writing that is interesting and fun and made easier to read through the use of our technology.  By technologically enhancing and promoting excerpts from books like yours we are able to provide learners with great content while providing authors such as yourself with free marketing. This introduces your work to learners who, because of their reading challenges, would otherwise not be as likely to encounter it (or enjoy it if they did). Click here to learn more about the technology, or click on any one of the excerpts below, or our latest “Picture Books” to experience it.

If you would like to contribute an excerpt to our collection please send the following information to:  

  1. An excerpt intended to introduce learners to your book. It should be an excerpt that begins in a way that learners can ‘take off’ with and get hooked on so that they will want to read more.  The excerpt should be between 500 and 1500 words (depending on the type/level of the excerpt). 
  2. High quality JPEG images of your book cover and of yourself. Please feel free to send any other images that you’d like to have included in the published excerpt.
  3. Links to: A) purchasing page (Amazon or other) B) Your personal information / author bio page C) “Other books by” page.

Note: Click on any of the excerpts below and scroll to the bottom of the page to see how we credit authors and display their information. Also check out our latest “Picture Books” to envision an alternative presentation format for your work.

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Index of Book Excerpts 

PreK | 1-2  | 3-4 | 5-6 | Mid | High | Adult

Level PreK:

What is Blue?        

Level 1-2:


Shelby’s Flying Lesson Moving Day for Shelby Shelby in the Dark Shelby’s New Neighbour Shelby’s First Christmas Eve
Unhinged What is a Veteran, Anyway? Gertrude and Toby’s Friday Adventure Trumpet: The Homeless Troll The Three Chocolatiers

Level 3-4:

Princess Bella & the Dragon’s Charm Song of the Moon Salt Mandrake’s Plot Martha and Mitch
Blue Sky Pearl The Great Forest Caper The First Skirmish Aftermath
Freedom’s Dragonflight A Child’s Book of Riddles Off-Beat Cinder Ella Peter Pants Hammy and Gert

Level 5-6:

Winter of the Crystal Dances A Dog of My Own Pandora’s Lunch Box The Lost Treasure of Loma Grande The Adventures of Nihu Charlie Chumpkins Glass Dreams


The Secret of Pooks Wood The Library The Fable of Bluebell Nook The City Heroes Sarah the Bold    

Level Mid:

HughTube The F.L.U.B. Club 8th Grade Fugitive Thomas Jefferson Quentin James and the Undercover Agent The O’Brien Detective Agency
One Earth          

Level High:

Frankenstein 1 Sideshow          

Level Adult:

Frankenstein Soul’s Echo Thomas Jefferson From Boy to Man The Discipline of Team Learning Hawking: 
Universe In A Nutshell 
Delivering Virtue The House on Pope Lick Road