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Bill’s Bugs
Favorites Bug Food Scared Fly Soup Butterflies  Creepy   Helpers
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Snake on the Loose

The Escape The Plan  Fifty Bucks  Snake Food?    
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The Hawk-Devil

Flying The Warning Fight Prep The Trap Hawk Attack The Trick High and Free
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Single   Stories:


Goldie and the Three Bears Messy Max    

Single Stories:


Superman: Superstar of Learning The Night Before Christmas  Nellie Loves Her Jelly The Lion and the Mouse 


The Queen Bee      

Book Excerpts :

Shelby’s Flying Lesson Moving Day for Shelby Shelby in the Dark Shelby’s New Neighbour Shelby’s First Christmas Eve
Unhinged What is a Veteran, Anyway? Gertrude and Toby’s Friday Adventure Trumpet: The Homeless Troll The Three  Chocolatiers

Classroom Tools 



Phonemic Awareness Games :

Letter Names   –  Silent Letters  –  Common Sounds  –  Schwa/ “Uh”