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Pop Goes The Reading



About School At The Store  At The Park In The Woods  In The Kitchen   At The Zoo  Coloring
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Friends Choices  Auditions Rehearsals  Yes You Can! Trying  The Play
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Single   Stories:


Help Find My Kitten
Jill and Jake’s Friendship  Dart The Imperfect Robot Maddie and the Doctor

Fairy Tale

A New Little Brother Timmy’s Perfect Dinner What’s in the Pot



 Humpty Dumpty Buckle My Shoe   Mary’s Lamb  Bo Peep’s Sheep  Mother Hubbard
Come Out to Play  Sing a Song The Mulberry Bush  I Saw A Ship  

Book Excerpts :

What is Blue?        

Steward Reads:

Steward Read Stories
 Somewhere  Moon Song A Little House  Mr. Nobody   One Day    

 Steward Read Rhymes
 Jack’s House Old King Cole    The Little Mouse   All The Seas       

Classroom Tools 


LetterScope Light

Phonemic Awareness Games :

Letter Names   –  Silent Letters  –  Common Sounds  –  Schwa/ “Uh”