ABCs of PQs
 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 
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A cake bag leap soda ball   care  said
bee bake comb           
icy car back      city   bench 
D lady dog badge          
E eat bed pie  the   they where stew
F left food fifth     of    
G energy bag  sign     age  thing laugh 
H   hat eight         the / thin
I mice pill trail  family    view / taxi mirror action 
J jail  jello            
K okay   ask knob           
L well  adult  yell           
M  them name  hammer          
N men   corn autumn        English entree 
O  bowl  hot rough  lion  frog   to / cook  core cow 
P peel  pipe  appear         phone 
Q queue  quiet  lacquer           
R car   ran  arrow   water    very memoir 
S dress   sand  island     cheese    fresh 
T  city  sit  pitch         action 
U  you cut  build  (SW = COM U)  quiz  suit / pull    about 
V  envy  above  revved          
W    week  know         town 
X exit  ax         xerox    
Y why funny tray   vinyl  yes eye / gym  lyric toy 
Z  zebra maze   jazz         seizure 

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PCUE STYLE Function Examples
Bold Says its name ate, bee, deep, pea, car, tea, obedient
Normal common sound bat, can, it, run, sam, tip, top, credited
Gray No sound any, bone, light, itch, baby, expediency
Shrunken ‘uh’ (schwa) sound about, bagel, diet, April, color, oxygen
PCUE Style Function Examples
Rotated ‘r’ ‘er’ sound razor, liar, dirt, fire, burn, murderer, ogre
Raised Higher sounding boots, dancing, dry, of, mini, says, Xerox
Lowered Lower sounding books, cage, eight, onion, gym, hymnal
Stretched Longer/drawn out ball, doll, cough, quack, yarn, suave, yearly
PCUE Style Function Examples
Dotted Underline Blended Letters Harry, pyramid, length, learning, airplane
Solid Underline Combined Letters about, beach, phone, motion, stew, mirror